Google+ Views for 22-04-2009 ~ NIFTY DEMYSTIFIED

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Views for 22-04-2009

Hi folks! Intra support 3322 worked and we got a decent bounce up to 3424 from the days low 3318 last day. Now today while posting the view for 21st April, not much really have changed as far as the shorter term scenario is concerned. We are still in the corrective phase in the shorter term and still waiting for a good dip towards 3250 odd levels to get into the market with medium term perspective. But the way 3330-3310 support is holding, it can very well give decent bounces from there instead of showing 3250. But i am personally hopeful to get 3268-3257 levels as posted in the earlier post. So for tomorrow,
Support : 3336, 3310, 3291,(3267-3257)
Resistance: 3405, 3420,3442,3481

Note: Not breaking 3336 can really push the momentum higher to take it on the upside (around the given Resistance levels). And a convincing cross above 3405 can show some more upside strength. All future levels.


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