Monday, April 27, 2009

VIEWS FOR 27-04-2009

Hi guys! Welcome back after a hot weekend! And i am back with my same old levels (thank god it doesn't change everyday). The charts I am going to post today is familiar with my first post where i clearly stated 3575 will be a crucial level to watch out for intermediate term. And it seems that we are heading towards the above given level. So, hold Your breath tight bulls, it's a big time for you people to defend your castle. Seriously we are going to face some big big hurdle on the upside now.

Now here's a 15 minute chart of nifty future attached to understand the very short term standing as we are heading towards a longer term hurdle. on that basis 3540 another resistance. So 3540-3570 will be some serious levels to consider. I would personally prefer to take some positional Nifty PUTS (PE) around 3540-3570 odd levels with S/L of 3615. It's fun to catch the top and bottom, lets hunt. So to sum up:
Supports: 3461-3441 (below 3441 we may head down to 3411-3397)

All Future levels.

Have a great day folks!


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