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Monday, May 6, 2013

A NEW MOBILE (LG L5) ON SALE @ Discounted price

Couple of days back I bought a second hand note from our local store @ 15.5k. But wanted a refund next day while finding the battery to be a faulty one. The seller refused and offered me a mobile to buy as he was not ready refund the entire money. So I bought LG optimus L5 @ 9700/- and Got the rest of the money back. But as I do not need that particular mobile and looking for something else I would like to sell it out @ discounted price. The phone features:
4" LCD display. 
Android ICS version 4.0.
5 MP camera, with flash.
and many more.
Additional 4GB sd card purchased separately.
The phone is unpacked only to charge once. It's completely untouched yet. Billed on 4th May 2013 @ night.

I will sell the mobile @ 9300/- only with additional micro-sd. (Entire Box pack+bill)
Will dispatch it within 1 hour of the payment (By reputed courier).
If anyone interested can contact me on +918013708713


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